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Dianne Floyd SuttonDianne Floyd Sutton is a speaker, trainer, educator, author, coach, actor and President of Sutton Enterprises. She has spent over three decades, providing employee training and development and facilitation services - crafting her career as a pioneer and leader in the human capital development field. Dianne is well-known for her humor, honesty, and refreshingly down-to-earth messages. Dianne’s straightforward approach to career and employee management and her ability to engage and entertain her audiences has resulted in numerous requests to share her expertise both nationally and internationally.

Lady Di's BLOG

Dianne Sutton President of Sutton Enterprises gives her professional and personal reflections about the workplace and life. Please, ask Dianne questions you have about appropriate behavior in the workplace. Dianne does not provide advice but gives insights on how to develop and improve your professional presence.

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