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Are You a Independent Follower?

May 8, 2017

You cannot be a leader all the time and you cannot be a follower all the time. But in both instances you want to be successful. It leads to the new category - the concept of independent follower-ship.

I discuss the concepts in some of my employee developmental workshops. Much has be written on leadership and follower-ship. But there is another category of the Independent Follower.

An Independent Follower is someone who has the skills, and knowledge and abilities to be a successful team member as well as a leader and the ability to identify which role to play under a given situation.

An Independent Follower is not a yes man or a yes woman, but someone who understands the importance of political savvy. Knows when to be the team player or the lead person. It means understanding what one can and cannot be changed.

I see myself as an Independent Follower.

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