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Etiquette Rules I Have Been Breaking

May 8, 2017

Well women of the 21st century I must call your attention to a few etiquette rules we may need to continue to follow. There are many little-known etiquette rules that women break every single day. I am so guilty.

In an article by Sarah Grossbart, 10 Etiquette Rules You're Probably Breaking, I discovered I was breaking some etiquette rules which may still be relevant depending on the client, customer or family preferences. So I thought I would share.
1. I have coughed with my right hand.
Of course covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough is good manners. Using your right hand to do it is not. Your right hand is your social hand and should be available for shaking hands, waving, and blowing kisses.” Your left hand is your personal hand to use for coughing, scratching, sneezing, and any unmentionables. The point is you do not want to sneeze into one hand, then absentmindedly use that same hand to shake hands with a new colleague.

2. I have worn my handbag or held a drink in my right hand and sling my bag over the back of my chair.
To keep your “social” hand free for greetings, it’s best to keep your handbag or drink in your left hand. That way you don’t have to take the time to switch it over to the other arm when you’re reaching out to shake someone’s hand. Never place your handbag on the back of a chair when you’re seated at a table. The proper spot is on the floor to your right.

3. I have called my handbag a purse.
This I did not know. That term is reserved for any clutch, tote, satchel, etc. that costs less than $100. “A purse is something that is relatively inexpensive while a handbag is considered more expensive. Most stores have a handbag department not a purse department.

4. I am climbing in the car incorrectly.
When entering a vehicle, first sit down, then swing your legs in. It is classier. Most of all it prevents any skirt-wearing ladies from accidentally flashing their companions.

5. I have been sitting down wrong.
To avoid collisions at the dinner table, always approach your chair from the left-hand side and exit on the right. When entering a vehicle, first sit down, then swing your legs in. It is considered classier and it prevents any skirt-wearing women from accidentally flashing their companions.

6. I announce I am going to the restroom.
If you need to use the restroom during a meal, never announce your intentions to the group. Just say, ‘Excuse me,’ and step away.” I tell people I am going to “pay a water bill”.

Well you can’t do better until you know better. Once you know the rules you can decide if you want to break them. Please reference Etiquette expert Joy Weaver, author of How to Be Socially Savvy in All Situations.

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