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Employment - What do you want?

March 8, 2022


What is important to you?  You have identified what you do not want related to your employment.  But have you determined what you do want?

Please circle up to 5 factors that are important to you for your successful employment.

Money and more money

Challenging and impactful work

Opportunity to work on innovative projects

Excellent compensation and benefits

Flexible work arrangements (i.e., when and where you work)

Opportunities to learn new, highly desired skills

Helpful and supportive direct managers

Highly-talented employees

A collaborative company culture

Clear goals and direction from senior leadership

Organizational support to balance work and personal life

Happy and inspired employees

Organization values that match your own

Job security

Opportunities for career growth within the company

Inclusive workplace for people of diverse backgrounds

Now do your research.  Check out organizations that have what you want in employment.  Go for it!

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