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Zayd Abdul-Karim, 

Zayd Abdul-Karim, Ed.D.

West Coast
Specialties:  Leadership, Performance Coaching, Wellness
Author: 25 Days to Living Your Happiness
The Coaches' Coach
Richard D. Bowerman, FMP, 

Richard D. Bowerman, F.M.P., A.A.S.

South Carolina
Specialties: Facilities Management, Space Planning, and Design
Contributor: Poetry Society of America
Retired Air Force
Rosalind Brown, M.B.A

Rosalind Brown, M.B.A

Specialties: Governmental Financial Analysis, Wellness
Author:  Steal My Purse:  Reflections from a Weary Traveler
Laurence Covington, M.A.

Laurence Covington, M.A.

Washington, D.C.
Specialties:  Reading, Writing, and Presentation Skills
Former radio commentator and stand-up comic
Collegiate Professor
Gary Johnson, B.S.

Gary Johnson, B.S.

Washington, D.C.
Specialties:  Leadership, Coaching/Mentoring, Diversity/Inclusion, Personal Development, Harassment Prevention, Conflict Resolution
Author: Twenty-five Things That Matter in Life or
Founder of Black Men in America
Bernard Robinson

Bernard Robinson (RETIRED)

Specialties:  Leadership, Team Development, Coaching
Contributing Author:  Workplace Savvy
Selected as one of the recipients of the 2010 Top
100 Minority Business Enterprise Awards.
*The Trainer's Trainer
Certified Management Consultant (C.M.C.) is a certification
awarded to consultants who have met high education standards, experience, competence, professionalism, and ethics as a management consultant by the Institute of Management Consultants U.S.A., Inc. C.M.C. (held by only 1% of consultants).
Diane  Kasunic, Ph.D.

Diane Kasunic, Ph.D.

Specialties:  Grant Writing, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Corporate Training, Focus Groups
Collegiate Professor
Facilitates Support Groups for Recovering Addicts and Domestic Violence
Jo Ann Pina, Ph.D.

Jo Ann Pina, Ph.D.

Specialties:  Cross-Cultural Communication, Motivation, Diversity, Leadership, Interest-Based Negotiation (IBN), Individual Coaching
Author:  Getting Across… Your Measure, Your Ideas, Your Meaning
Contributing author:  The Solve Communication Method™
Laura Novakowski, R.N., M.B.A.

In Memory of Laura Novakowski, R.N., M.B.A.
Final Transition 2019

Specialties:  Team and Individual Diagnostics, Strategic Thinking and Business Planning, Executive/Leadership/Management/Supervision/Team Development, Team Coaching

Jamie Notter, M.S.

Jamie Notter, M.S.

Washington, D.C.
Specialties:  Culture change, conflict resolution, leadership, generational diversity, social business
Co-Author:  Humanize, When Millennials Take Over, We Have Always Done It That Way:  101 Things About Associations We Must Change
Association Guru
Tim Stranges, M.S.

Tim Stranges, M.S. (RETIRED)

Specialties:  Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Awarded the 2014 Volunteer of the Year by the Mediation Association Rockville, MD
Contributing author:  The Solve Communication Method™ and Workplace Savvy
The Mediator's Mediator
Hank Wallace, J.D.

Hank Wallace, J.D.

Washington, D.C.
J.D., Columbia. B.A., Rutgers.
Specialties:  Write & Speak Like the News: 'Lead With the Future' and 8 Other Journalism Skills to Transform Your Business Communication. Business writing. Media training. Public speaking. (Wrote the F.C.C.'s plain-language newsletter).
Joe  Weston, B.A.

Joe Weston, B.A.

Washington, DC
Specialties:  Respectful Confrontations™, Communication, Leadership

Author of:  Mastering Respectful Confrontation
Roberta Wright, J.D.

Roberta Wright, J.D.

South Carolina
Specialties:  EEO and Diversity