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Women of Color, I feel you.

March 21, 2022

A maturing Babyboomer, I listen to your work career issues, and I can immediately relate.  I know and understand; I understand about working.  I was a car-hop, file clerk, ward clerk, waitress, short-order cook, recreation leader, teacher, a government worker.  I feel you.  I have been there as a Black female who left her good government job to become a “consultant.”   That was over 35 years ago, and I have never looked back.

To the Women of Color in The Workforce

We are ignored. We are criticized. We are underpaid, and we are stereotyped.  We are overlooked. We are considered followers, and we are unprofessional.  We are ugly and stupid.  

But we are real.  In addition to careers, we are daughters, mothers, wives and sisters, and cousins.   We bleed.  We are leaders, and we are high-tech.  We are entrepreneurs—we are CEOs.  We are intelligent, and we are sexy. We are powerful.

We are here and will be.  

Lady Di

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