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You Gotta Have a Plan!

May 8, 2017

You cannot play in the game unless you have a plan.  Other wise you are at the mercy of others. 

When I am not delivering workshops and seminars, I teach online for the UMUC in the School of Business.  I teach organizational and management theory.  Sounds pretty dry but it is not.  There is a framework I would like to share that applies to management that can be applied to individual development. 

Lady Di asks you to put this in brain data bank – POLC.  POLC stands for Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling (Measurement).  This applies to management of organizations.  I will explain each component and relate it to my book Workplace Savvy and your development.  Under planning you must create a vision and mission, goals and objectives and then develop a strategy.  Now apply it to you.  So what is your plan? What is your vision? How will you get there?

Even before you can answer the above questions, you must answer the question what is important to you?  What do you value?  Why?

In my book I have charts on personal and work values.  Take the time take the assessment.    Can you pick out your top ten?  Do you know why you chose them?

Just a few thoughts from Lady Di.  

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