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Shout out ot the Maryland Park Police

May 8, 2017

This is a shout out to the participants of the Maryland-National Capital Park Police, Prince George's County Division, First Line Supervisors Training.

Meeting the Challenge

Beyond Race and Gender

Examining Generational Diversity

Below are the answers of the quiz:

1. The first E in the M.E.E.T. model refers to explore differences.
2. The second E in the M.E.E.T. model refers to empathize respect.
3. The T in M.E.E.T stands for take _____.
4. Remember the Platinum Rule; Treat people as they others as they want to be treated.
5. Identify the most appropriate media to communicate.
6. Micro-inequities are the small communications of disrespect, inequity and bias that are sent from one person to another, often without knowing – like small paper cuts.
7. Don’t assume every member of any given generation thinks or behaves exactly the same.
8. Face–to-face communication is sometimes better than electronic messages.
9. Attack the problem, not the person.
10. Cuspers are people born near the end of one generation or the beginning of the next generation (3 to 5 year span) often identify and share the characteristics of two generations and can relate to both.
11. The M in the M.E.E.T. model stands for make time to discuss.
12. A generation (sometimes referred to as a cohort) is an entire body of individuals born and living about the same time.
13. Focus on the individual, not the generation.
14. Generational differences are fundamentally about a difference in values. 15. Use I messages instead of you messages. When discussing policy use we.
16. Micro-affirmations are small acts, which are short-lived and hard-to-see, public and private, often unconscious but very effective tiny acts of gestures of inclusion and respect.

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