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Rules to Work By

May 8, 2017

Rules to Work By

•Be responsible for your behavior.
•If you created the problem then solve it.
•If you wore it to the club or beach then don’t wear it to work.
•Smell and look clean and fresh.
•Be early rather than late to work.
•You are not all that important.
•You don’t get a trophy for showing up for work – you earn it.
•Leave your drama at home.
•Work takes energy – that is why you get paid.
•See your job from your bosses’ eyes.
•When at work put your cell phone away.
•Take the time to encourage others at work.
•“Please” and “thank you” count at work.
•Sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut.
•Everyone does not text.

I know what you are thinking. These rules are common sense. Well, common sense means different things to different people. And yes this is coming from a maturing Baby Boomer.

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