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Unrealistic Expectations

October 15, 2018

Unrealistic Expectations

  1. That the problems of the past that have influenced your life must continue to determine your feelings and behavior.
  2. That health and happiness can be realized by waiting for someone else to make it happen.
  3. That other people are bad is they do not share your same values.
  4. That all is lost when you get treated unfairly or experience rejection.
  5. That you cannot control or change your feelings
  6. That unless everything is structured and understandable, there is a reason to be fearful or anxious
  7. That you must be competent and adequate all the time
  8. That it is easier to avoid problems than to accept them and begin working toward a solution
  9. That life should be better than it is
  10. That it is possible for everybody to like me.

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