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Things You Might Not Want to Say

October 15, 2018

Things You Might Not Want to Say!
(Adapted from


American Indians Coworkers

Hey, Chief                                                                             How Indian are you?

Squaw                                                                                 Do you live in a teepee?

That’s a nice costume                                                            Indian-giver   


Asian American Coworkers

Oh, you speak English good!                                                 You must be the IT person.   

Asian Americans are not risk takers                                       You don’t act very Asian.

When are you going to go home?                                           How often do you go home?

Do you speak your language?                                                You look so Oriental.

You people are so good in math.                                            You aren’t like them.

You are not Asian, you’re from India.                                  

Where are you from? No, where are you really from?

You are not a minority because all Asians are rich and successful.


Black/African American Coworkers

You are so articulate                                                               Is that your real hair?

You people                                                                              Why are you so angry?

Do you eat a lot of …                                                             Why are you acting white?

I don’t think of you as Black.                                                 You graduated from where?

The N-word                                                                            You are a credit to your race.

You don’t act Black.                                                               You got an attitude!

You are too sensitive.


Disabled Coworkers

What’s wrong with you?                                                        What happened to you?

How do you go to the bathroom?                                           Where you born that way?

Oh, you are here, you must feel better.                                   But you look so good.

Oh, if you just have faith, you can be healed.

I don’t even think of you as a person with a disability.


Disabled Coworkers (with invisible disabilities)

No pain, no gain!                                                                    It’s probably just stress.

You’re just looking for attention/pity.                                                               It’s all in your head.

You’re here!  You must finally be better.

My (insert relative) had that and manages just fine.

I really admire your courage/how you pretend nothing’s wrong.


Latino/Hispanic Coworkers

Can you show me your knife?                                                You’re not like them.             

Do you live with your parents?                                               Do you speak Spanish?

When did you arrive in the USA?                                          You’re not white.

Why can’t all you Hispanics speak English?                        

Don’t worry, you’ll get the promotion, you’re Latina.



LGBT Coworkers

I suspected you were gay.                                                       I’m so sorry.

Why did you tell me that!                                                       Which bathroom do you use?

What do you like to do in bed?                                              He’s a “she-male”

We are not close enough for you to share that information with me.



Mixed Race Coworkers

What are you?                                                                         What is your nationality?

You look foreign.                                                                    You sound white

You’re so beautiful.                                                                You make beautiful babies.

Are you X or Y?                                                                     Which side are you more of?

How in the world did your parents meet?                             

You don’t look or You’re no… 

You’re the future or you have the best of both worlds



White Coworkers

Why is a white person doing this?                                          You’re not diverse.

You’re just a typical white person.                                         You’ve got all the money.

I don’t get white people.

There is no way you as a white person can understand.

You know you’re being racist.

You talk about us when we’re not around.




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