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On Branding - What is Important to you?

March 10, 2019


What is important to you?

During my career development, I discovered that before I could brand yourself, develop personal and career vision and mission statements,  first I had to identify what was important to me.  What did I value?  It changed over the years.  I first wanted money and security.  But my values changed over the years.  This change of “what is important” was made painfully clear after working for the Federal government for 12 years.   I realized that change and variety as well as influencing people were vital to me in a career.  I realized that creativity, independence, justice, and achievement were personal values that defined who I was.   So, I left my security and stability being employed by the government.    

First, identify what is essential.  What are your values?

What job are satisfactions significant in your decision-making process?   To help you in taking steps to identify what is important to you is an exert from my book, Workplace Savvy.   The list below represents some fundamental values. 

Take the time to identify or re-identify your values.  Analyze your results and then be prepared to summarize your findings to someone you trust.


Personal Values - Choose Your Top Five

  •   Friendship (close relationships)
  •   Emotional Happiness (contentment, peace of mind)
  •   Creativity (ability to produce something)
  •   Wisdom (understanding and good sense)
  •   Aesthetics and nature (love of beauty and outdoors)
  •   Humanitarianism (service to others)
  •   Achievement (accomplishment, expertise)
  •   Equality (an equal chance for all)
  •   Recognition (feeling of being admired or respected)
  •   Power (control over others)
  •   Pleasure (enjoyment)
  •   Wealth (material possession)
  •   Independence (freedom, autonomy)
  •   Health (concern for one’s body)
  •   Love (affection, intimacy)
  •   Justice (fairness)
  •   Education (learning)
  •   Politics (contribution to the world)
  •   Religion (faith, conviction, beliefs)
  •   Other


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