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Confessions of a Maturing Baby Boomer

July 7, 2019

Confessions of a Maturing Baby Boomer
I have so much to discuss and so little time as a maturing Baby Boomer. But I do not have any advice. Consider me a Sage, an Elder, a wise person. Am I wise? I do not know, but I have had a variety of different experiences, perspectives, failures, and successes that I would like to share with my generation and younger generations. Am I looking for validation? No. Just observations to make. You can decide.

Pets versus Children
It has come to my attention after reading the posts on FB and Twitter that a lot of energy and love is spent by wi pp on rescuing pets, especially dogs. I wish more energy, money, and love were spent on children, especially black and brown children. For example, volunteers will go through junkyards, empty lots and houses to find abandoned animals, specifically dogs, young puppies. They are taken and fed, cleaned up, given medical treatment put into foster homes, and then “forever” homes. I wish they would do the same for the children at the border who have been separated from their families. I wish more attention were taken to find healthy and reliable foster homes and forever homes for children, primarily black and brown children. 
I contend that if dogs were being treated like the children at these camps that PETA would have stepped in and aided the dogs. They would not suffer like children. Just think about it.

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