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What is Professional Presence?

March 1, 2024

What is a Professional Presence?


  • Professional Presence has absolutely nothing to do with how many degrees you have or your title.
  • Professional Presence is an attitude comprised of all the resources you possess to influence others.
  • Professional Presence includes pride in your work and wanting to do things right, regardless of your job function.
  • It is a sincere desire to help clients/customers (both internal and external) achieve their goals and missions while you are meeting your own.
  • Professional Presence is the ability to feel and project a sense of poise, self-assurance, sense of competence, and credibility at work (looking confident)
  • It is acting in situations with an advantage, without making others uncomfortable, and using tact and diplomacy.

A Check List for Today and Future

No matter what your profession is, your image matters!

  1. What do I LOOK like?


  1. What do I SOUND like?


  1. What do I SAY?


  1. How well do I LISTEN?


  1. How do I BEHAVE?


  1. What do I want to ACCOMPLISH?

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