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November 18, 2019


This message is the beginning of a grassroots effort to get out the vote in the USA, “Just VOTE.” It is not about religion, or gender, or culture, or the color of skin, or political affiliation, or sexual orientation. There is no agenda outside of getting people to vote. This effort is about your right to vote - your right to make your own life choices. It is a grassroots effort based on a conversation with and suggestions from Ronald King, St. Louis, Mo and Dianne Sutton, Simpsonville, SC, about getting folks to vote in 2020. Ron suggested we should post something on voting every day, and Dianne thought a great idea, let’s do it! But

How do we do it and get the results we need. Some of us realize our marching miles are limited, and we cannot donate thousands of dollars to the cause. But most of us can volunteer some FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat time to keep the word VOTE in all the social media. We can use social media to not only reach our networks but our networks networks. What could or would happen if there were daily reminders from a wealth of sources? We believe a lot.

Conscious and unconscious messages are sent to us every day of our lives. Things are posted all the time. We are programmed to be guilty of being thin, not as small, light, or dark-skinned, and you get the idea. We must wear this, not that, believe this, not that. So now is the time to send our message out – JUST VOTE. We’ve got a year to send out messages of VOTE. We ask you to commit to sending out a post on voting at least once a week.

Please commit to posting at least one VOTE message per week until the election.   Some keywords: JUST VOTE, VOTE, REGISTERED to VOTE, Where do you go to vote? What are the requirements to register?


Some generate guides, and please watch your language.

  • No political or religious references
  • No violence or threats
  • No hidden agenda except VOTE
  • VOTE can be attached to the end or beginning of another post with “Don’t forget to Vote.”
  • Pictures of food and pretty women and pets with “Are you registered to vote?”
  • Photographers share your work with the word VOTE
  • Writers, poets talk about VOTE and post

We cannot depend on anyone except ourselves. We must do what we can do in our sphere of influence. We still have the right the vote. Let us use it. Ron nor I do not have thousands of FB friends, but we have a network of family, friends, and colleges nationwide. A quick calculation of USA locations includes

California – Alabama – Atlanta, GA – Baltimore - South Dakota - Colorado - St. Louis, Missouri – Maryland – Florida – Mississippi - Ohio - West Virginia - Texas – Oregon – New Mexico – Tennessee - South Carolina - North Carolina

What states or cities are missing?  

We are asking you to commit to conspicuously post vote messages until the election in 2020 at least once a week. We are requesting some to publish the websites for voter registration or post the requirements for voting in your location.   People need to know and post for others

If you are interested in this simple grassroots effort, please let us know. So we can cover as much of the USA as possible. Then share this message or create your message.

Please, please let Ron and Dianne know if you want to participate so we can know what cities and states we have regular postings. You can comment on this message with your general location so Ron and Dianne will track the progress of the network Look for our postings to share every week.

Please mail your comments to

We can do this.






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