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May 4, 2020

As with some of us in the training and seminar fields, our work is slow or at a standstill. Many like myself are using this time to organize things that we had postponed due to work. Right now, I am reorganizing my office with this newfound time. The truth is, I have saved over 40 years of paper and books. I found two boxes of ancestral gems that I plan to share with family members. In my search, I found this poem, HOPE. Considering the life events we are facing, HOPE might create some positive vibes for the future.


The poem HOPE was originally one of many inspirational poems my father Dr. Osborne English Floyd gave his patients who came to his clinic. I am not sure of the author. Please enjoy.



Is a word to live by


HOPE is something within us that makes us strive and reach for something higher. There may be failure, but there is always hope to start again, with hope directing our way.

HOPE longs for a desired goal.

HOPE keeps us with a song.

HOPE is like a shot in the arm: it brings new thoughts or desires to build on.

HOPE is a booster for the discouraged.

HOPE is a steppingstone to the depressed and needy; it renews their will to find a brighter day.

HOPE is confidence and expectation.

HOPE is a guide to good cheer and happiness.

HOPE ii a comfort when fear assails us.

HOPE brings light into darkness.

HOPE is truly a word to live by.


Compliments of the FLOYD CLINIC

O.E. Floyd, M.D.

Houston, Texas

June 1962

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