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Some ZOOM Etiquette suggestions

May 21, 2020

Do Not Get Too Casual; It is Still Work!

Great, you are working at home. You wanted this. Now we can all Zoom, Skype, and use Micro Teams and whatever. Always remember it is still work. Work is a mindset – an attitude – your style of thinking about what you do. Many of you said you could do it at home and even better. Well…

In the olden days, 1987, I started my business in my basement in WDC. I converted the whole basement into an office setting. I would get dressed every morning, grab my handbag, and walk out of the front door. I would then walk to the back-basement entrance to enter my business. Now that is not necessary today, but it still helps to create a symbol or protocol or habit that enables you to enhance your mindset for your work, start your day. You get the idea.

Always remember that you have entered into a contractual agreement with your employer. Even though you are working at home, that contractual agreement still exists. Show integrity. Do your job. Use your professional presence.  

As Lady Di. I have noticed that many employees are confusing work with social time or their "me" time. So in hopes of keeping you employed, a list is begun of etiquette for these times. With more observations, I will include more. What do you think? What would you add?

ZOOM Etiquette Suggestions

  1. Keep your background neutral. No one needs to see your trophies, posters, or anything sexy.
  2. Unless you work for a political organization, political signs, buttons, banners, or t-shirts should not be visible.
  3. Dress for success, so watch your casualness and grooming. Wrinkled clothes do not look good on the camera. Take the lead from your supervisor on what to wear when everyone is visible. What is she or he wearing when you video conference?
  4. Allow quiet moments for comments or media to catch up. A few moments of silence is typical.
  5. Remember to keep a pleasant expression on your face. You are on the camera.
  6. No eating or smacking or gum chewing on camera.
  7. Yes, I know you need that coffee, tea, shake, water near you, but what happens if anything spills at the wrong time.
  8. Mute the audio if you get angry and want to say something you may regret later or express a bodily function.


Always remember that you have a professional presence, even at home.

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