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Happy New Year January 1, 2020

Happy New Year Folks,Here we go again in a new year and decade.The issue for me is that right now, 2020 looks like 2019, and that ain't cool — too many negative vibes. So concentrate on the positives.  An exercise I used in 2019 was to capture on sticky notes a positive thing, event situation that occurred.  I did this for a year. Incredible feeling to read after a year!So although everything is not perfect, a lot of positive things happened in my life 2019. Read More

Great Writing Class in WDC November 18, 2019

About Hank Wallace Hank Wallace, a Columbia Law School graduate, was a government reporter for New Jersey's Middletown Courier and Red Bank Daily Register, and the assistant director of law-school publishing for Matthew Bender. He wrote the FCC's plain-language newsletter and news writing tips for the Radio Television Digital News Association. For more information about Hank Wallace, visit his website at Teaching style: "'Concise as news, precise as law' is the goal, building on the many values of conventional business writing. We'll focus on reasons, not just rules. I call on volunteers solely and, minus the stereotypical Paper Chase bullying,… Read More

Etiquette Rules I Have Been Breaking May 8, 2017

Well women of the 21st century I must call your attention to a few etiquette rules we may need to continue to follow. There are many little-known etiquette rules that women break every single day. I am so guilty. In an article by Sarah Grossbart, 10 Etiquette Rules You're Probably Breaking, I discovered I was breaking some etiquette rules which may still be relevant depending on the client, customer or family preferences. So I thought I would share. 1. I have coughed with my right hand. Of course covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough is good manners. Using… Read More

The Optimist Creed - A Friend to Youth May 8, 2017

Optimist Club International What Optimists Do? Optimist Clubs participate in community service programs that are dedicated to “Bringing out the Best in Kids”. Since each club is autonomous and run by members in their community, Optimists have the unique flexibility to serve the youth of their community in ways that best fit their needs.The Optimist CreedPromise Yourself,To be strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.To take health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.To make friends feel that there is something in thenTo look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism caom etureTo think… Read More

Telecommuting - Making It Work May 8, 2017

Access to high-speed Internet, the rise in 'knowledge workers' who do most of their work over computers and phones, and the ability for teams to stay constantly connected even when they work thousands of miles away from each other are just a few examples of how technology is fueling telecommuting. As tempting as telecommuting can be, it's not for everyone. But for those who are suited to telecommuting, below are some suggestions for making it work. 1. Separate work life from home life – Learn how to say goodnight to your office.A common mistake employees at home make is working… Read More

Polical Savvy is s good way. May 8, 2017

For some of you if I called you politically savvy you would feel insulted.  For some political savvy is total manipulation of others - unethical behavior to get ahead  at others expense.  I have been writing about it for years.  I think of political savvy as the ability to build influence through relationships and results.   For some of you if I called you politically savvy you would feel insulted.  For some political savvy is total manipulation of others - unethical behavior to get ahead  at others expense.  I have been writing about it for years.  I think of political… Read More

I cannot give up! May 8, 2017

I have told many audiences that the U.S. Black /White issue will not be resolved through the diversity movement. The slavery wounds and damages are very deep and institutionalized in the culture today. It is a hurtful scenario about power and money. The diversity movement has helped in the effort to move Blacks forward. But the wounds have not healed and impacts are very great to all involved - the USA - the world. Although I realize how minuscule I am in the great picture of things, I will not give up. You never know. Just maybe, just maybe I… Read More

Are You a Independent Follower? May 8, 2017

You cannot be a leader all the time and you cannot be a follower all the time. But in both instances you want to be successful. It leads to the new category - the concept of independent follower-ship. I discuss the concepts in some of my employee developmental workshops. Much has be written on leadership and follower-ship. But there is another category of the Independent Follower. An Independent Follower is someone who has the skills, and knowledge and abilities to be a successful team member as well as a leader and the ability to identify which role to play under… Read More

Labor Day - Holiday for the Working People May 8, 2017

The first observance of Labor Day was likely on Sept. 5, 1882, when some 10,000 workers assembled in New York City for a parade. That celebration inspired similar events across the country, and by 1894 more than half the states were observing a “workingmen’s holiday” on one day or another. Later that year, with Congress passing legislation and President Grover Cleveland signing the bill on June 29, the first Monday in September was designated “Labor Day.” This national holiday is a creation of the labor movement in the late 19th century — and pays tribute to the social and economic… Read More

About Class in the USA May 8, 2017

About ClassAge, race, gender and ethnic origins are often cited as the basis for discrimination, but class is rarely mentioned. Yet class can be as much a factor in hiring, promotion and selection as the more readily evident race, sex, ethnicity or national origin. Class is a social stratum sharing basic economic, political, educational or cultural characteristics and influence and having the same social position. Classism is prejudices and/or acts of discrimination on the basis of social class. It includes individual attitudes, behaviors, systems of policies, and practices that are set up to benefit the upper class at the expense… Read More

A Village of 100 - 2014 May 8, 2017

This is so interesting. People in the USA tend to think they are the center of the universe.STATE OF THE VILLAGE REPORT - 2014 If the world were a village of only 100 people, there would be: 60 Asians, 16 Africans, 10 Europeans, 8 people from Central & South America, Mexico & the Caribbean, 5 from the USA and Canada, and 1 person from Australia or New Zealand The people of the village would have considerable difficulty communicating: 17 people would speak a Chinese dialect (12 of them Mandarin) 6 Spanish, 5 English, 4 people Hindi/Urdu, 3 Arabic, 3 Portuguese… Read More

Diversity Most Commonly Spoken Language Other than English May 8, 2017

I was asked to post this article again.  Don't Drag a Dead Horse Across the Desert!!! It will kill you!!In Transitions, Making Sense of Lifefs Changes by William Bridges, the transitions of life have three distinct stages (Ending, Neutral Zone and Beginnings). Bridges states we have a life time of transitions (i.e. births, deaths, marriage, graduation, employment). However, it is very important to understand that before you can begin a new phase of your life, you must end the old phase. An ending is actually the first phase of the transition process and a precondition of self-renewal. You must end… Read More

LGBT Covered Under Title VII of the CRA of 1964 May 8, 2017

Many state and local governments already had laws on the books to cover LGBT employees.  The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  (EEOC) covers discrimination based Age, Disability, Equal Pay/Compensation, Genetic Information, Harassment, National Origin, Pregnancy, Race/Color, Religion, Retaliation, Sex, Sexual Harassment.  However there is no one specific federal law that covers employment discrimination of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees in the United States.  But through a series of court cases the LGBT community is now covered by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Complaints of employment discrimination on the basis of transgender and sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, and bisexual)… Read More

What do you know? May 8, 2017

What do you know about the people you work with? You can spend more time with your coworkers than you do with your family.Some questions to answer about the people you work with. It pays to understand your work environment. It is a very important part of being politically savvy. After you answer the questions, analyze your results and tell me what you see.What do you know about your co-workers?1. Who are the team players? 2. Who are the “drama” people? 3. Who is a problem solver? 4. Who can you count on in a jam? 5. Who are the… Read More

Never Forget the 14th Amendment May 8, 2017

Never forget - there is a law!1868 - The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S.Constitution, guaranteeing due process of law, is declared in effect. which grants citizenship for African Americans and provides for federal intervention when state governments are accused of violating an individual's constitutional rights. Read More

People are Checking You Out! May 8, 2017

Everyone brands you – family, politicians, marketers, your supervisor and coworkers.  If you don’t take control of your brand, you could be stuck with how others judge you and not how you want to be judged.  Your Image Impacts Your Brand I lived in Washington, DC for over 20 years.  When spring breaks in the metro city, people start taking off all their clothes.  (Well as much as they can get by with.)  Now Lady Di has no problem with this during your leisure time, especially at the beach but at work this can be problematic.  Spring is here which… Read More

Quotes to Start 2017 May 8, 2017

Giving and receiving criticism can create some of the most stressful work situations. However, if done correctly criticism can be a valuable tool in improving our own performance, as well as the performance of others.Criticism is a two-way process. Giving and receiving criticism are two sides to a coin. One reason people avoid giving feedback is that they feel uncomfortable receiving it. Sometimes they fear that the person they are criticizing will criticize them right back, So they avoid the situation. Some people may also fear damaging relationships they have established by hurting people's feelings or making them angry. So… Read More

Quotes to Start 2017 January 5, 2017

I am so excited!  Coming in 2017 a new web site. Please be patient with me. I am still growing! 2016 had many challenges.  I am not sure of all the challenges in 2017. But I start the year with hope.Below is the Optimist Creed to start:Promise Yourself... To be strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of… Read More