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Workplace Savvy

A Guide to Gaining a Competitive Edge in Today’s Workplace


Workplace Savvy
By Dianne Floyd Sutton
With Contributions by Tim Stranges and Bernard Robinson

Many people believe that if they just do a good job, they will succeed - but that is not necessarily so. What happens when everyone is doing a good job? How do you distinguish yourself from the other members of the clan? How do you develop a competitive edge? Who are you?

  • Why should your organization promote you?
  • For that matter, why did the organization hire you?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • Why are you not progressing in the organization?

Workplace Savvy addresses topics relating to these questions and more. A fast read, actionable and packed with invaluable information and practical tools. This is not a how-to-do-it book. Perfect for readers at all professional stages. It serves as a supplement to formal training in moving your career forward and identifying what you may need to make it happen.

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Pages: 240
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