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On Voting

June 21, 2020

Lady Di practices what she preaches.

You got to give back.

Do not tell everyone what you cannot do; find something you can do.

My sister and I were talking about the many protest marches we participated in in Washington, DC. We marched.   We had to laugh because I said I could not step any more due to arthritis. I could not run from the police, a rubber bullet, nor pepper spray.

But I wanted to learn and help in any way I could. So, I decided to work as a poll manager in SC where I live. Poll managers help people to vote at the polls for an election. I even get paid. Payment amounts to approximately $9 an hour. Polls are open from 7:00 am to 7 pm. and that does not include set up and verification of equipment, etc. After 12 hours, you are a very tired puppy!

Since I am always posting VOTE on social media, I thought I should share some insights and make a few suggestions to make your vote count.

  1. Make sure you know where you should vote.

       2.  Have proper picture identification.  You have until November to do so. In the state of SC, you may use the following, and please note all require the individual’s picture.

  • Passport
  • State Driver’s License
  • Non-driver state ID
  • ID to carry a firearm
  • Veteran Administration ID
  • Voter ID

Please check the requirements for your state because they will vary.

  1. Make sure the address on the picture ID matches the voter registration rolls. So, if you move, make sure your address is correct. You can email for a voter’s registration change of address form, or, depending on the state, change it online.
  2. Understand if you do not have proper ID may not be able to vote. Many states offer a provisional vote, a substitute ballot which must be reviewed after the election, which means your vote may not count
  3. Make sure you understand what method of voting is being used, i.e., paper or machine voting.
  4. Identify the people running in local elections. Who else outside of the national election is running?
  5. Ask for help if you need it, but no one should be around when you vote.
  6. Vote as early as you can to avoid long lines.
  7. If you have a mail-in vote, please mail it in ahead of the election. You cannot turn it in at the polls.


And again, vote as if your life depends on it. I know I will.


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